A world full of experts.

I’ve struggled with posting something like this, and to be sure this isn’t a new ‘thing’ but there are a lot of folks posting videos on the net claiming to provide expert advice doing things that will get you killed.


I know that many people out on the interwebz can identify shenanigans quickly, particularly folks representing themselves as authorities on subjects including firearms, and tactics. But I know that there are also, a larger number of people starting out, who are viewing this videos and thinking they are building knowledge that will help them, maybe save their life, etc etc.

I represent myself as NO authority, and as you can see on all previous posts, I don’t offer any tactical/firearms advice. Whatever I know, works for ME, I would never assume to offer that kind of knowledge to a (potentially) global audience, I’m just not qualified, and I’d rather give no advice than bad advice.

People are creating this poor content to generate income. Let me go further still, there are actual companies out there (nameless) who are physically training people to do things that will also get them killed. It’s one thing to say ‘Hey, we’re offering fun firearms training that will get your adrenaline flowing, but it will take much, much more time than a couple days shooting to equip you with skills that can be applied in real life emergency situations.’

Nobody does that tho.

People just want that money..

So folks, please, take some time, do a bit of research, and ask your friends, your tribe, your family if what you are watching, or potentially spending money on, if any of the subject matter is suspect. In truth, a lot of it is, and even in the best case scenarios, ask yourself is the advice, or training your involved with relevant to situations you can realistically expect yourself to be involved in?

Save some of your time.

Save some of your money.

Save your life.



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