Hydroponics - Part II

A while back I started a project to learn a bit about hydroponics, and determine if it was a sustainable method of growing food.

To be clear, I’m no Gardener, and had no previous experience with hydroponics.

Here is what I learned:

  1. There is a science to all of this, it’s not something as easy as brewing up some nutrients and calling it finished.
  2. You can get quick results, but there is a learning curve. You have to pay attention to the plants if you want to succeed.
  3. You have to have the right sized containers, and there is where I failed. I went way too small.
  4. I think your nutrients can directly impact the flavor of your grown plants.
  5. In a very remote location, or in a situation you cant devote regular time to, this is not a good option.
  6. If you can’t maintain electricity to power your grow lights, this is not a good option.
  7. If you can’t invest the time and effort to mix and replenish your nutrients, this is not a good option
  8. If space is limited, you can grow with this method, just probably not enough to radically supplement your food supply.
  9. It’s not a project for Beginner Gardeners, the plants will tell you whats wrong, or right, you have to know how to listen.
  10. In my opinion, it’s fun as an experiment, but unless you are skilled, and have established a longterm plan to work the project, not worth it.



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