SHTF lessons learned from Afghanistan.

I found this great video on Youtube from a guy that worked with an NGO in Afghanistan in 2003. Disclaimer: This is not me, I have never been to Afghanistan!


Check out the video for sure, but the short version is:

  1. Be situationally aware. Humans are not wired to constantly be in an alert mode, we can maintain periods of concentration, and alertness, but we cannot perpetually exist in that state. If you have any doubts about your safety, it’s time to turn on the red lights and pay attention. Most importantly, get you head out of your cell phone.
  2. Be the Grey Man, don’t stand out. Don’t look like a target, don’t give people any reason to give you a second glance.
  3. Avoid confrontation, if you can remove yourself from any potential confrontations, then make sure you get removed.
  4. Sanitation, bad stuff lives in dirty environments, staying as clean as possible reduces risks of transferring that bad stuff.
  5. By flexible, have a backup plan. Be prepared for things  not go to plan, and by dynamic about being able to quickly adapt.
  6. Stay positive. Many documented cases show that those who survive share a mental capacity to never give up, to never quit.



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