So my AR build is complete, I’m still looking at red-dot sights and will eventually buy the one that makes most sense to me, but the meat and potatoes of the rifle are finished. So I thought I’d share with you why I chose the parts, and what I hope to accomplish with this rifle.
First things first, I love AK’s, no better rifle (for me) exists, and I would have built one if I had the room for the tools required, I don’t and I knew I could build an AR in my apartment, so I did. I like AR’s just fine, but the AK will always be my preference, there’s my disclaimer.
What I wanted to achieve with this AR is very basic, my requirements were few, and performance within those requirements wasn’t going to be compromised, so lets get to it.
I wanted to build the last rifle I will ever own or need. It had to be made of quality parts that would not wear out, that would be durable, dependable, light enough to carry (with a modest amount of ammo all day long) and able to religiously hit targets out to 100 yards.
Sounds simple enough, and I am sure there are truckloads of factory-built AR’s that meet those specs, but I wanted to build one, and I wanted to pick every single part of the rifle, and assemble it myself.
You may be thinking “Only 100 yards?” Let me clarify, I want to be able to hit whatever I am aiming at, at 100 yards, this rifle will shoot accurately much farther than that, I just want constant accuracy at 100, because if the target is a bad guy and capable of shooting back, I can remove myself from that environment if I have over 100 yards distance. If I see a bad guy 400 yards away, and he hasn’t seen me, great.. keep on going..
Performance, the Bravo Company bolt carrier group is unequaled in my research, it’s spendy, but the only thing I’ll ever need, after years of shooting will be another extractor spring and possibly another extractor, I’m covered. Bravo Company just gets really high marks everywhere, so buying the upper was a simple choice. Going with the traditional RIS rail system instead of the new KeyMod type of system was a personal choice. I like that I can simply re-position any attachments without needing tools to re-position small bits of picatinny rail. It weighs more, I won’t lie, and like an AK, this rifle is front-heavy, but I’ll live with it.

Durability, again Bravo Company, no complaints could be found re: the barrel, the Magpul parts are all very heavily used and tested, I could find little to argue their worth, PMags continue to be the best magazine available for the AR (imho) their flip-up sights work well, and seem to be quality parts. The Spike’s Tactical lower receiver is just bad-ass, the Punisher skull cracks me up! The Stag Arms lower receiver parts kit is highly recommended, it works in nearly every lower, and is comprised of high quality parts, that was a no-brainer. I like the Tango Down pistol grip, it fits my hand well and the ergonomics are great, plus the grip has two chambers inside that can fit CR-123 batteries, or other nifty stuff like extractors and extractor springs.The Noveske QD sling attachment seemed better than the Magpul ASAP or MSA, the ASAP is noisy/jingly, and the MSA has mounting for both left and right sides of the receiver, I’m right-handed, so that offers no benefit me. the AFG is a good choice for me, because if offers three static points I can use for different grip positions, I’m not a fan of the C-Clamp style of grip the 3-Gunners use, but that may change, we’ll see.
Can I carry this rifle all day with 3-400 rounds on me? Nope. But that’s my fault and I’m working on fixing that, however, to my knowledge, there are no similar-capability rifles out there that would save enough weight to make this requirement automatically come true. I just need to get more exercise and take care of myself better.
Will this be the last rifle I ever own? No idea, but I built it like it will be. If the world turned Zombie tomorrow, I’d be very very content owning this rifle
Finally, this rifle isn’t a daily carry pistol, but I don’t want to suggest that it’s dependability is any less important, I think that, as a civilian, if I am getting into extended encounters with bad guys, than I’ve made some bad decisions, so I don’t need this rifle to be piston-operated to stay cooler, I don’t need it to weigh 1.5 pounds lighter so I can leap buildings in a single bound, I look at this more like, being able to effectively do the job, when employed intelligently, all the time.
I think I nailed it, but time, and testing will tell.
More than anything ,this has been a blast to build, I took my time, picked what I wanted, and never settled for something cheaper. I spent more than I figured I would, but after all, it’s the last rifle I’ll ever own, right?  🙂
Update 8/14: I picked up a proctor sling, and the Bushnell Micro clone, I’ll be testing everything out this weekend at the range.