Plank Owner

One night at work, while talking with Jovan about Zombies, we decided to become Z Ready.. So the site was born. I held it together (kind of) while Jovan was off going to scary places in the world compliments of the US Army, but he's back now, and so is the site.

Plank Owner

This site is Jovan's fault, he got us talking about the coming Zombie Apoclypse, and dicussing ways to prosper during the End Times. But then he ran off and joined the Army, he's back so we can start blaming him again.

Vector Operator

Jason went all-in and bought a Kriss Vector one day, I think it was because of playing 'The Division', anyway, you have to admit, it's a really cool firearm, noting else looks like it, and the recoil is very.. interesting.

It's just a shame the thing is always jamming.

I like .45's

When the 9mm can't get the job done, we call on Paul and his hand-cannon Glock in .45ACP. I can neither confirm nor deny the NOAA inquiring as to potential earthquakes in the area when he's shooting this thing.