Currently 6,552 cases in the US
I posted an article from a site in the UK that was talking about how all the Americans are running out and buying up all the guns and ammo..
Which, while I really like the UK, just seems a bit sensationalist to me..
Anyway, I live in a town that may still be, but very recently was the most heavily armed city in the NATION. So I already believe that everyone I glance at in my city is armed, I would go so far as to say they probably have enough guns, and if anything, are stocking up on ammo. But the last two trips to the ammo store, there was plenty of 5.56, 9mm, and .45 on the shelves, including the spooky ‘self-defense’ ammo.
The thing that makes me grin a bit, is that even if a lot of people that are ‘buying up all the guns and ammo’ go to the range regularly, that is only giving them the basic fundamentals, and basic application of those weapons, against stationary, paper targets.
So while better than not being armed, in my opinion, they are only very slightly better than being unarmed. I think for a lot of people, the idea of going out and buying a gun, and some ammo gives them peace of mind in a potentially very chaotic future where they have varying degrees of protection, or perceived protection by local law enforcement. It makes them feel less helpless, and thats a good thing.
The bad thing is, if they ever have to actually use their firearm(s), I have a very strong suspicion it will be done both awkwardly, and serve only to arm the people they were trying to defend against.
But whatever helps you sleep at night right?
I left the house for the first time since Sunday Morning this evening, and this time, it was more than a very few Asian folks wearing masks, there was a clearly visible lack of traffic on the roads, and while Walmart was still needing a LOT of things to be stocked, they still had most shelves with goods on them.
It’s been an interesting experience for me so far, living in Rich White People Suburbia, and seeing how nobody took it serious, until they started taking this serious. You could have pulled this reality from any number of movies that deal with large scale disaster, the woman behind me in the cashier line today was bitching and moaning that they didnt have more cashiers working the aisles, keep in mind I was checking out at the time, so she had to wait, maybe 3 minutes.. People here are endlessly entertaining, and while I dont wish doom on anyone, I really hope that this experience we are all sharing will humble some people, and give them reason to pause and be thankful for all they have.
On the opposite side of town, many families live paycheck to paycheck, and so they cant drive up to Walmart and drag two shopping carts overflowing with goods into the checkout lane, but I bet those folks on the opposite side of town know where the people live that do..
Final thought for this rambling post: I am absolutely positive there are entities watching this situation unfold both domestically, and globally, and taking notes.. I’m sure there are simulations that have been run for years now that seek ot accurately describe how a population will react in situations similar to this, all those papers are getting graded in the reality of the situation now.