I promised a series on communications, and that is in progress, I’ve restarted each post multiple times, and I understand I have to add more fundamentals, not everyone knows what a repeater-offset is.. among other things.

But this post couldn’t wait.

First, I love Texas. I love this state more than any other place I have lived, and while I wasn’t born in Texas, it really has felt like home, and so that’s why it’s so hard to leave, but we are leaving. Why? I hate where I live in Texas, and there’s just no way we can move someplace in Texas that checks all the boxes, not without us have mountains of money to make it happen. That’s tough because I absolutely didn’t want to leave Texas, the truth is, we just can’t live in the state where we would want to, and so we are moving north, to Southern Oklahoma. On the surface, I have a lot of stress, all the typical unknowns. But all of the research I’ve been able to do has given me the warm and fuzzies that things will be better where we are going.

Just for some perspective, I once set up a webcam with motion detection, I pointed it out of our dining room window, towards a two lane, 20mph, residential road and over 900 vehicles passed that camera every single day. We lived in a town that I have to believe is home to more folks that moved here from out of state, than those who were born here, and near here. I’m one of those Transplants, but I have worked hard to embrace Texas, and never once thought I’d make things “better” or bring my opinions (if they were different) and try to change things here. Most other people that live here haven’t been as respectful, and I can easily point to the world’s worst drivers, and never be surprised to see Californa plates on those cars, easy to blame the hippies right? Trust me, the stereotype exists for good reasons.

So we’ll be moved by the end of the month, we’ve been travelling back and forth to the new house for the last two weeks, getting things ready, and learning more about the area, we live on the edge of the town, a town considerable smaller than the smallest towns I have ever lived in, to give you an idea, the nearest WalMart is almost 30 minutes away, and I am absolutely fine with that. No McDonalds everywhere, No fucking Starbucks for over 20 miles, no Californians bringing their communist politics with them.

I’m sure there will be challenges, I know there will be stresses, but I can tell you this much, each time I have driven up to the new place, it puts my soul in a calm place, and each time I drive back to where we still live, it makes me want to turn right back.


The communications series is coming, I promise, I have some very interesting (hopefully) photos to show you, and hopefully some video, so it will all make more sense. Hang in there, it will happen. But don’t be surprised if I chime in from time to time with news about how the new HQ is coming along.