I haven’t posted in a bit, I’ve been mostly ‘sheltering in place’ and that’s been a challenge for me, I’m not one of those people that are happy staying in the house 24×7 with no end in sight, but I understand the need for it, and so I behave, aside from very infrequent trips to the grocery store.

Shopping has been very frustrating, and I understand that it’s probably like this everywhere right now, but this experience has been the final straw to break my faith in humanity’s back. I know this experience is always going to remind me that we don’t have “neighbors” or “community” or any of those other happy, shiny words when the chips are down.

Instead we have people still filling their vehicles with toilet paper, paper towels, bottled water, and all the other goods that stores are now placing ‘limit 1 per customer’ tags on, they just buy one of each, go put it in their vehicle, and then rinse and repeat. It’s a shame that burning those vehicles in place while they make their next trip inside the store is still illegal. I’m not sure, and to be fair we’re not at this point, but I’m nearly positive that in some countries, when people have been found hoarding goods, they got ‘dealt’ with.

It sounds like I’m mad I didn’t get toilet paper or paper towels right? Wrong, we still have plenty left from our shopping trip a few weeks ago, we go through toilet paper and paper towels like normal people in my household, we don’t need a storage shed filled with the stuff like, apparently, many local people here.

Back to my point. How do you go back to being kind to people that, in huge numbers, have decided they need these goods more than you do? Right now, it’s silly things like toilet paper and paper towels, but what happens if it becomes things like food? Are you going to be fine with all those people that bought up all the basic food items? Because I am definitely not going to be okay with that. How about the huge majority of Americans that dont have the disposable income to buy thousands of dollars worth of goods they don’t need, but want, because maybe.. Imagine a time when families don’t have enough food to feed their kids, because so many assholes bought everything as soon as it hit the shelves? Now imagine tens of thousands of those desperate Americans..

Right now, our plan is to get through this pandemic, that is the only goal. We stay inside, we wash our hands, we limit any contact. We’re doing our part, and if this thing ‘flattens out’ like they are hoping, the new goal will come into play, and that will be to get as far away from this parasitic species as we can. If you haven’t already seen people proving to you, that they have no concern for you, your family, or anyone but themselves, then you’re part of the problem.