What, and who are your tribe?
Your tribe, in my opinion, is your most important prep, your tribe will be those people that will help you, who you will help, who will defend you, who you will defend, who may be across the country, maybe across town, or maybe right across the room from you right now. Obviously your immediate family is part of this tribe. It may be the only tribe you have (for now), but we have to understand that the more folks we have in our tribe, will mean the more resources we can call on in bad times (and good!). I tend to avoid doom and gloom talk on this site, but you need to know.
You are not likely to survive alone for an extended period of time if the lights go out, and don’t come back on. (or if the Zombies rise up!)
There’s a lot of talk about how bad it will get if that ever happens, there are well documented experiences of people that have lived through such situations in Bosnia, and Argentina, even some invaluable information from those that survived the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, in every case, survival was made possible due in part, to those folks having a tribe to help them through the ordeal. You only read about solo survival when it comes to the movies.
Hopefully, you’ll have seen by now that we do not focus on the ‘end of the world’ kind of scenarios many other sites do, our intent, is to better prepare for whatever happens, without building a bunker underground and waiting for the zombies. I’ve experienced first hand the devastating effects of Mother Nature, and my ‘tribe’ at the time was in a panic for most of that ordeal, live and learn..
Even if it’s just you and your significant other, your immediate family, maybe your family and the neighbor’s family, it’s incredibly important to have others involved. This whole ‘tribe building’ business does not have to be the difficult thing you may be thinking it is. If you have a neighbor (and you probably do, and you have hopefully introduced yourself and you guys already know each other, like in the old days, right? seriously.. right? if not, you should.. and while you’re at it, tear down that 7 foot privacy fense seperating you and potential frinds.) you can have a simple discussion “Hey Frank, looks like we’ve got a pretty serious storm headed this way. If it hits and you run short of food, or water, feel free to knock on our door, I keep stocked up in situations like this.”
That conversation is far less threatening than ‘Hey Fred, if that storm hits and we get any scumbags running through the neighborhood raising hell and looting, don’t worry, I’ve got a dozen rifles and 100,000 rounds of ammo waiting!’
You may very well have a fully stocked armory, but that isnt the time to share that info, you’re just hoping to grow your tribe a bit, and maybe after the storm, your neighbor Fred might stop by and ask you about helping him get a bit more prepared for the next storm..
Baby steps..