My sleep/wake schedule got all turned around this weekend, so I was up crazy early yesterday and today. That said, this morning I was (at least temporarily) able to witness humanity in a good light. Where I live, we have like ‘mini-walmarts’ but geared for the Asian, and Mexican population here, H-Mart, and Fiesta Mart, while I haven’t been to H-Mart since this coronavirus stuff started, I have been to FiestaMart and yeah, the first time, was a Friday night, and there were long checkout lines, but I’m assuming lots of folks were in ALL stores Friday night (likely a payday).
That being said, I went to Walmart around 8:00am Saturday and it was a bit freaky, lots of empty space on the shelves, not much meat left, the bread was mostly gone, no TP or paper towels.. (I went because we needed a few things, and paper towels was on the list)
This morning, I went to FiestaMart, and got there a few minutes before 8:00am and was surprised to see a line of about 20 people waiting outside, this place is supposed to open at 7:00am so I kind of freaked a bit thinking they were only allowing so many people in the store at a time, nope, they open at 8:00am..
So they open the doors and the people outside start entering, in an orderly fashion, the store is 99% stocked, I wanted paper towels, and (because of the day before) maybe a few other things.
They had plenty of toilet paper and paper towels, I got one package each, I got some canned stuff and some ground beef, and some other stuff, but I went up and down each aisle just to see what their supplies looked like. People in each aisle, quietly shopping, being respectful, and not piling their carts with reckless abandon. I didn’t have to wait in line, I checked out and had some guy approach me saying ‘hey Mister, I think you left a couple pink boxes at the cashier’ (Paki’s for my Daughter), I thanked him, and laughed a bit..

We’re not killing each other for a can of beans (and I hope we never do.)

This whole thing reminded me of that crazy Ice Storm that covered Kentucky when I lived there, and how I’d never seen anything like that in my life, I walked to the local Walmart (because I lived down a hill, and that road was a sheet of ice that NO vehicle could drive up) I got to the Walmart, and out in front of each entrance, employees were handing out cases of water, for free to anybody that needed them. The shelves were less stocked than normal, but I didnt see a single person piling shit into their carts..People were being kind to each other, some with strained smiles, but greeting each other (where I lived in Kentucky, you just always smiled and greeted people that you didnt know, people there always act like they know you, so you do the same back, it;s weird at first, and then it just becomes really nice)

I miss Kentucky, I truly do.

This morning, it felt a bit like Kentucky