A month ago I posted here referencing a story from the UK that said all of the guns in the US were being bought up in response to the COVID19 disaster. At the time, there were 6,552 people infected with the virus in the USA. As I type this up, more that 764,000 people in the USA have now been infected. There are those that say the numbers are levelling off, and because so many people have been sheltering in place, and wearing facemasks, being much more adult about washing their hands regularly, etc.. All because of these things the number is ‘levelling off’.

If we’ve been doing all of those things for the last month, and the virus can take between 2 and 14 days to show symptoms, then I wonder why the numbers have grown to the size they have? Once again, in my opinion anyway, this goes back to the ‘me me me’ mentality most people have these days.

Is this all Darwinism? I don’t know. But I think we’re a long ways off from getting past this thing. We have no vaccine, Doctors are suggesting that this virus can come back again in the fall, it can return year after year. We’re looking hard at the Chinese, as the latest insinuation is that there is a Virus-research lab in Wuhan, and that some people believe the virus was transferred from a bat, to a person in that lab, and then the person went into the ‘wet market’ there and infected many other people.

Truth is, we are NEVER going to have the truth about this, anybody thinking otherwise is deluding themselves.

I don’t have much to post this time around, I just wanted to the get numbers from a month ago, versus the numbers we have today out there, it’s terrifying, and I think those numbers will continue to grow, both for this current outbreak, and the outbreaks that will come.


Buckle up..