As I write this post, there are 437 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the USA, in the last 24 hours 118 cases were positively identified.

Looking back at this post even a few weeks from now, that number will seem tiny.


Naturally, because we live in a soft country where people are typically only concerned about themselves, we go into panic-reaction mode when things get a bit spooky, like things are now. There are Sheeple all across the country buying up and hoarding both hand sanitizers and toilet paper.

(for the record, we have hand sanitizer, but we don’t stockpile it.)

The good news is, there’s plenty of food on the shelves,  we have food stocked for a while (though not for as long a time as I’d like.) It just bothers me that people are hoarding these supplies, particularly the hand sanitizers. I suppose those self-centered folks aren’t concerned that if they buy up all these supplies, other people won’t be able to clean their hands, (while going about their busy lives) so if they become infected, and open a door, or are in any way connected to handling items that you have to come into physical contact with, they’ve increased the chances of becoming infected themselves.

Oh the irony.

Today, the wife and I went to the range, and got some time in working on skills.. Because, you know, all that hoarded hand sanitizer isn’t going to rescue itself 🙂