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The good..

We did lots of shooting, a lot of the drills kind of got made up on the spot because we didn’t know what this particular bay had to offer target-wise.

We had two newly-built AR’s on the range and they ran perfectly.

Everyone hydrated.

It was great to get back on the range with friends.

The bad..

I flagged Paul badly in one of these videos, there was no mag in the rifle, and no round in the chamber, but I know better than to do this. No excuses here, I messed up.

My AR Pistol-build had a problem locking mags in place, I’m checking into what caused this to happen so often.

We had one target stand that was literally struggling to remain intact, so I didn’t want to move it from it’s location.

We had no ‘cover barrels’ that we’d typically use to position ourselves behind,

The range had a LOT of ammo on the ground when we got there.

Roll Call..

We had one guy bail, after saying he would show, and another guy just went missing and nobody knows what happened to him.

Both get to sit out for the next range day.